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A Handyman.

We’ll be all this, and more, in your journey to reclaim. And it doesn’t end here; with our industry-leading warranty protection, you’ll have little to worry about in stormy weather.



Did not regret engaging ClimaShield for the installation of our Ziptrak!

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Hanrong, who has been patient in explaining to us the pros and cons of the various products and addressing our queries. He is knowledgeable and straightforward which definitely helped us to make informed decisions. Also, there were times when we encountered issues and he went the extra mile to resolve them for us. He is definitely an asset to the company!

On the day of installation, the installers are very professional. Upon completion, they gave us tips for maintenance and cleaning. We are very pleased and happy with the overall service and product delivered. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Si Min

Very professional, from the start of sales (advice given, etc) till installation. Jia Jin and team did a very good job! Very happy that I managed to get the single long panel with them when all others told me it cannot be done!

Jeffrey Ng Kim Ngee

Technician Ah Sin was very helpful and very capable in the installation of the system. I would strongly recommend using this company. They not only took care of the installation of their product but made sure that it meets my initial requirements from all angles. They are true to their name, Climate Shield. All the other staff members in the whole chain are very consumer-oriented.

Ngian-Keng Lie

We engaged Climashield to install a Panoview outdoor blind, it seems that only Ziptrak® is able to do such a long blind. The installer, Wei is detailed in work and the salesperson, Hanrong always able to answer our questions. The whole team is professional.

Carol HuiShan Lin

Ariff and Rana were very professional and polite. They were very detailed and patient. And left the place spotlessly clean.
Cost of the blinds is really high compared to other brands. But I think you get what you’re pay.
Love the final result and makes working on the balcony enjoyable. No more mad rush to keep laundry when it rains.

Ziv Goh Tien

A big thank you to JJ and his team for their professionalism when installing the glass curtains in our apartment. JJ is very experienced & organized his team well to ensure that the installation is done smoothly with no compromise on safety.

The team also spared no efforts in cleaning up the work area upon completion. In addition, JJ also did an excellent job during the handover, ensuring we understand the operation procedure. Special mention also goes to Alvin who prepared the quotation and coordinated this project with clockwork precision!

Joyce Wong



Unlike other track-guided blinds, Ziptrak®’s patented side spline is welded (not sewn) to both sides of the fabric, ensuring exceptional performance in all weather conditions.



Ziptrak® Interior blinds are set to revolutionise the way people use blinds in their homes. Find out more by watching the video.



Direct from Europe, Glass Curtains® are frameless, noise-reducing, tempered glass panels for your home, office or shopfront. They help create a safe and peaceful place for you and your loved ones, to relax and enjoy the surrounding landscape, while keeping out rain, dust, haze and flying pests, and reducing outside noise.


Preeti Nair’s Home

Glass Curtains® & Ziptrak® Interior

When we learned that Preeti Nair, more popularly known as Preetipls, had purchased a home and was renovating, our team reached out to see if we had anything she needed. And the rest is history! The chemistry was pretty (see what we did there?) instantaneous.


Glass Curtains®

Due to its status as a heritage building, the management of Yue Hwa Building was searching for a solution that had the least impact on its facade, while allowing them the ability to revert to an open concept to marry its indoor and outdoor spaces when desired…

Kelly Keak's Bedroom

Ziptrak® Interior

Having just given birth, being able to get sufficient rest at home is important to Kelly Keak of MTM Labo Singapore. With Ziptrak® Interior’s DuoFit blinds, which put together two-track guided blinds in a single system, we were able to create a space where she could wind down, or take a nap whenever she needed to.

Our Tampines Hub

Ziptrak® Outdoor

A total of 21 Ziptrak® outdoor blinds were installed, spanning 88 metres of running track on level 5 of Our Tampines Hub, making this the single largest installation of Ziptrak® blinds to date.

Jian Hao’s Walk-In Wardrobe

Ziptrak® Interior

Together with his talented ID, Amanda, we worked to put together Singapore’s first Ziptrak® Interior blinds-as-a-wardrobe-covering solution for Jian Hao, and we sure love how it came together with smart lighting! He can now view his entire collection at the click of a button.

Arbora Restaurant, Mt Faber

Ziptrak® Outdoor

While it was important to offer sun and rain protection to its guests, the last thing the management of the restaurant wanted was to have vertical posts right where wedding couples were to make their entrance from a beautiful, floral-clad stairway into the restaurant…


Glass Curtains®

The owner of this landed property was keen to bring greenery into his living space but wanted the flexibility of keeping out pests like mosquitoes, as well as retaining his air-conditioning when it was turned on.


Ziptrak® Outdoor

When we found out that TV presenter and actress, Nurul Aini, was on the lookout for Ziptrak® blinds, we jumped at the opportunity. The friendly and bubbly mother-of-three wanted to find a way to use her patio, as an extension to her living room.

Wild Honey, Scotts Square

Ziptrak® Outdoor

The owners of the wildly popular cafe, Wild Honey, wanted to find a way to retain their winning views along Scotts Road while offering rain and sun protection for their guests dining in the alfresco area.


Glass Curtains®

The owner of this house shared an unexpected, but what became her biggest reason for falling in love with Glass Curtains®… the ability to keep out mosquitoes.

King’s Road

Glass Curtains®

Don’t these half-height Glass Curtains® look simply spectacular in this beautiful black-and-white home? Unlike normal sliding windows, Glass Curtains® allowed an unobstructed view out from the owner’s patio due to its frameless design.


Glass Curtains®, Ziptrak® Interior & Outdoor

We believe in walking the talk. Our products are used around our experience centre in various ways – to create a meeting room, as a partition, to provide privacy, as a projection screen, to cut glare and reduce heat – for both practical use and demonstrations.


Glass Curtains®

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