Property Type: Residential, Landed
Usage: Keep Out Mosquitoes, Retain Air-Conditioning, Keep Out Rain
Product(s): Glass Curtains®
Accessories (if any): NIL

While the owner of this house first contacted us when she was seeking out a way to expand her living space as a result of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, she later shared an unexpected, but what became her biggest reason for falling in love with Glass Curtains®… the ability to keep out mosquitoes.

One thing most people may not realise is a downside to being surrounded by nature and living on a lovely landed estate – mosquitoes can be a challenge. We’re certainly glad it solved more than a single concern for her!



Joanne Peh & Qi Yu Wu’s Home

Any home renovation project can be overwhelming, and we know that all too well. So when actress and entrepreneur Joanne Peh turned to us for help, we were only all too glad to help.

Preeti Nair’s Home

When we learned that Preeti Nair, more popularly known as Preetipls, had purchased a home and was renovating, our team reached out to see if we had anything she needed. And the rest is history! The chemistry was pretty (see what we did there?) instantaneous.

Jalan Limau Bali

The owner of this landed property was keen to bring greenery into his living space but wanted the flexibility of keeping out pests like mosquitoes, as well as retaining his air-conditioning when it was turned on.