Property Type: Commercial, Retail
Usage: Partitions, Sun Shade, Noise Reduction
Product(s): Ziptrak® Outdoor, Ziptrak® Interior, Glass Curtains®
Accessories (if any):

We believe in walking the talk. Our products are used around our experience centre in various ways – to create a meeting room, as a partition, to provide privacy, as a projection screen, to cut glare and reduce heat – for both practical use and demonstrations.

Singapore’s land scarcity and crazy property prices mean we optimise our property for both form and function, and we think we did just that. Visit us or take a virtual tour to experience just some of the possibilities yourself.

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Kelly Keak’s Bedroom

Having just given birth, being able to get sufficient rest at home is important to Kelly Keak of MTM Labo Singapore. With Ziptrak® Interior’s DuoFit blinds, which put together two-track guided blinds in a single system, we were able to create a space where she could wind down, or take a nap whenever she needed to.

Preeti Nair’s Home

When we learned that Preeti Nair, more popularly known as Preetipls, had purchased a home and was renovating, our team reached out to see if we had anything she needed. And the rest is history! The chemistry was pretty (see what we did there?) instantaneous.

Jian Hao’s Walk-In Wardrobe

Together with his talented ID, Amanda, we worked to put together Singapore’s first Ziptrak® Interior blinds-as-a-wardrobe-covering solution for Jian Hao, and we sure love how it came together with smart lighting! He can now view his entire collection at the click of a button.