Property Type: Residential, Landed
Usage: External, Rain Protection, Sun Protection, Air-conditioning Retention
Product(s): Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds, Dooya® Pro Sensitivo Motors
Accessories (if any): Dooya® Pro Connector Wi-Fi Bridge

When we found out that TV presenter and actress, Nurul Aini, was on the lookout for Ziptrak® blinds, we jumped at the opportunity. The friendly and bubbly mother-of-three wanted to find a way to use her patio, as an extension to her living room.

Watch the video to hear from the fabulous lady herself!




Joanne Peh & Qi Yu Wu’s Home

Any home renovation project can be overwhelming, and we know that all too well. So when actress and entrepreneur Joanne Peh turned to us for help, we were only all too glad to help.

Our Tampines Hub

A total of 21 Ziptrak® outdoor blinds were installed, spanning 88 metres of running track on level 5 of Our Tampines Hub, making this the single largest installation of Ziptrak® blinds to date.

Arbora Restaurant, Mt Faber

While it was important to offer sun and rain protection to its guests, the last thing the management of the restaurant wanted was to have vertical posts right where wedding couples were to make their entrance from a beautiful, floral-clad stairway into the restaurant…