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Joanne Peh Feature Image

Joanne Peh & Qi Yu Wu’s Home

Any home renovation project can be overwhelming, and we know that all too well. So when actress and entrepreneur Joanne...
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Kelly Keak Feature Image

Kelly Keak’s Bedroom

Having just given birth, being able to get sufficient rest at home is important to Kelly Keak of MTM Labo...
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Preeti Nair’s Home

When we learned that Preeti Nair, more popularly known as Preetipls, had purchased a home and was renovating, our team...
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Our Tampines Hub

A total of 21 Ziptrak® outdoor blinds were installed, spanning 88 metres of running track on level 5 of Our...
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Jian Hao’s Walk-In Wardrobe

Together with his talented ID, Amanda, we worked to put together Singapore’s first Ziptrak® Interior blinds-as-a-wardrobe-covering solution for Jian Hao,...
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Arbora Restaurant, Mt Faber

While it was important to offer sun and rain protection to its guests, the last thing the management of the...