R&D in Australia

Why It’s Important

Rather than become encumbered by the daily challenge of marketing, sales, and installations, Ziptrak Pty Ltd focuses on its main strength – innovation. As a retailer and company offering installation service, we are well aware that daily challenges can be consuming. Which is why, unlike independent retailers in Singapore, we opt to rely on Ziptrak’s expertise rather than put together an OEM product sourced from China.

We respect Ziptrak Pty Ltd for their commitment to ensuring the quality of its parts and components. In fact, their commitment is apparent from the move to Tonsley Innovation District, hosting manufacturing, assembly, distribution, and office spaces in one (really massive) place. This A$10 million facility measures 3,000 square metres, with dedicated prototyping, and research and development areas. Now, that’s no empty commitment.



Together with our customers who purchase genuine Ziptrak® products, we can thus be assured of quality and continued support. 

Implications for Customers

Higher costs, but patented technology and quality control that you’ll find hard to get from alternatives.


System Fabricated in Singapore

Why It’s Important

Local fabrication is an integral part of the business – each blind sold is unique and requires finishing work that’s accurate down to the millimeter. While Durablinds fabricates for both the Singapore and Malaysia market, a decision was made to have the factory in Singapore for added stability so that it could serve the primary market better despite raised costs.


Fabrication of Ziptrak blinds in Singapore


With global shipment delays due to the pandemic and war disrupting stock levels, the importance of local fabrication has become all the more apparent. In order to ensure a consistent supply of goods to support the local market, Durablinds also stockpiles months’ worth of inventory to ensure that it would be able to serve both new orders and warranty replacements.

With relatively stable policies and a business-friendly approach for manufacturers, customers can be reassured about stock levels and after-sales support.


Implications for Customers

Stable supply, localised and fast support.