TL:DR, to give you the best quality for what you’re paying for. Read on to find out the specifics.


European Technology and R&D

One of the key differentiating factors for Glass Curtains®; instead of wheels or roller bases that contain rubber compounds that will wear off, and ball bearings that can break, Glass Curtains uses a full Teflon strip which has such a low coefficiency of friction, the powder coated aluminium tracks simply glide on it (somewhat like ice-skating).

Years of research and development have yielded a system that does not require a turning arm, and that allows owners to add curtains and blinds alongside the system seamlessly. It also does not require plastic caps at the top and bottom profiles, so that the joints appear seamless, and the gaps between the panels are only 2 to 3mm; the thinnest gaps in the market.

Even the little intricacies have not been forgotten – Glass Curtains® benefit from the smart drainage system that captures even the smallest water penetration, keeping the internal floor dry, and making it the preferred system of choice for homeowners seeking to use it in semi-outdoor conditions.


High-Quality Components

Aluminium is highly sought after as a raw material in many products. The demand for aluminium means that the cost of the system depends heavily on the cost of aluminium, and one-way manufacturers save cost is to offer their systems with thinner aluminium extrusions. Glass Curtains® uses a slim but robust 6063-T5 aluminium alloy (that has at least 3 mm thickness) that has great corrosion resistance and surface finish, which is then powder coated to further enhance this resistance to stain and corrosion. Three layers of top and bottom extrusions and two layers of outer and inner vertical frames hold the system together, so no expense has been spared to make this a truly reliable product.

Components that hold the glass panels within the track are made with the high-performance Nylon-6 thermoplastic, chosen for the material’s toughness, lubricity and excellent long-term durability. These components are moulded as a single whole component and can withstand up to 200kg of stress load. In fact, one of our first sales managers used to do pull-ups on Glass Curtains® panels that had been swung open, at the demo set in the showroom.  These components are made to withstand UV, heat and cold, and, in fact, made to be stronger than stainless steel. 

Did you know that Singapore has one of the most stringent standards for tempered glass in Singapore. We use 10mm tempered glass that’s been tested according to the SS 341:2001 standards for safety glazing material for use in buildings (human impact considerations), which measures impact performance, surface compression and fragmentation. The glass from our selected supplier meets the Grade A requirements under the SS 341:2001 up to a maximum drop height of 1500mm.

In addition, aside from the product, high-quality fittings are also used in the installation of your Glass Curtains® system. High-grade 304 stainless steel screws that are 6mm thick and 2-4″ long ensure rust-free and secure installation. After all, all it takes is a single weak link to turn a high-quality product into one that underdelivers.


Precision Fabrication & Installation in Singapore

Due to the nature of the product (glass cannot be trimmed if a measurement is taken wrongly), each and every Glass Curtains® system is custom-built to the customer’s requirements. The quality control requirements (allowing precise 2-3mm gaps between panels without risking glass breakage) also mean that fabrication staff needs to be highly skilled.

Since every team member undergoes extensive training and subscribes to a zero-error-tolerance culture, sales, fabrication and installation staff are all considerably better paid than normal. We do that to ensure that there are no weak links every step of the way.

As our massive fabrication facility is located in Singapore, prices do reflect the higher rental and labour associated with the business decision. However, we do that to ensure that our customers enjoy the high quality they pay for, and quicker after-sales response time to support our industry-leading 5-years warranty on the product.