First of all, make sure the brand name is spelt correctly (Ziptrak® is spelt without a “c”). Then, look out for the following telltale signs…

1. Check the Ziptrak® website

A full list of authorised retailers is updated on the website. If the retailer you’ve approached is on the list, you’lll get the genuine product. If the retailer who’s offering the system is not on the list, chances are you’re getting a counterfeit. So, always check the website before buying.

2. Confirm your warranty on parts

Ziptrak® outdoor blinds enjoy 5 years warranty on parts, and the interior blinds get 2 years warranty on parts. If what you’re being offered is less than that, be on the alert. Retailers have the right to determine their warranty provided on service (labour and transportation fees), but warranty on parts is offered by Durablinds, the local distributor and fabricator (and shouldn’t differ from retailer to retailer).

3. Examine the showroom set

Visit the showroom and examine the blinds there. Do they have the Ziptrak® mark in the following places?

4. Is the Price Right?

Authorised retailers are required to protect the price of Ziptrak® blinds. If you are being quoted a vastly different price, watch out.