What is their Warranty Policy?

Warranties are expensive. Servicing warranties are even more so in countries like Singapore where labour fees often outprice parts. So the first step that a savvy consumer would do when shortlisting their retailer would be to scrutinise the service warranty policy.

The warranty policy will tell you two things:

  1. The level of confidence the retailer has in the product / their installation
  2. The level of desire to delight their consumer

We match our service warranty to the distributor’s parts warranty, to make it simpler for consumers. Less to remember and less to worry about.

Do You Like Their Service?

Consistency is key.

Some clients are willing to risk a mediocre sales experience after considering other factors like price; after all, no one’s going to guarantee your satisfaction after making a purchase even though you’ve had a great experience before putting down a deposit. But you can be certain that if you dislike the experience before you’ve even made a commitment, you’re most certainly going to be upset later on. 

So the next time you visit a showroom, look at how they treat you even before you’ve paid any money or made any commitment. You can likely identify a company that at least has the desire to treat a customer right by watching what they do for you regardless of where you are in your blind purchase journey.

Check Their Track Record.

Commercial projects are oftentimes more expensive and demanding than residential projects. Servicing requests are usually more demanding simply because of the high usage and likelihood that blinds are mishandled. Payment terms are typically less favourable in commercial projects than in residential projects.

This means only retailers with stronger financing and confidence tend to go for and win commercial projects. Hence, a good commercial portfolio is typically a good indicator that your retailer is in good standing and more likely to be able to follow through with any warranty promises.

Do You Need More than One Product?

At ClimaShield, we only offer what we know best – Glass Curtains® and Ziptrak® blinds. Other retailers offer more than track-guided blinds, including curtains, lighting and even bathroom fittings. If you are looking to purchase several different items, you can see if other retailers offer deals.

Are you Price or Value-Conscious?

At ClimaShield, we focus on creating value for our customers. This would include focusing on the service experience, offering a longer warranty, and dedicating the necessary time for installation so that our teams are able to focus on delivering quality installations rather than rushing through the job. These incur costs that limit the number of discounts we can offer, so ClimaShield will never be able to offer the lowest price you may find for Ziptrak® blinds. Because our focus is on delivering the best installation and the best service possible.