How Do I Tell Glass Curtains® Apart From Other Systems?

There are some tell-tale ways to identify a Glass Curtains® system from another. Here’s how.


1. SideLock™ Handle

Glass Curtains® has an ergonomically designed SideLock™ handle, which is conveniently located at waist height so that you can open your glass panels without using a pull stick, or bending down to unlock any mechanism.


2. Bottom Weighted, Not Top Hung

Often mistaken for the Slide and Park systems which are often used in shopping malls locally (and often frameless as well), Glass Curtains® differ from the latter by being bottom weighted rather than top hung. This means that unlike the commonly seen Slide and Park systems, which are only suited for indoor usage, Glass Curtains® are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. And much safer!


3. No Plastic Caps

Glass Curtains® does not require plastic caps at the top and bottom profiles. That’s why if you’re looking at a system with plastic caps between the aluminium profiles of each panel, that’s not the original Glass Curtains®. Glass Curtains® benefits from a seamless-looking profile between panels, with the slimmest gap of only 2 – 3mm, between each panel, in the market.


4. No Turning Arm

Competitors sometimes offer systems with a turning arm, which sticks out perpendicularly out of the top profile. These look clumsy and create challenges for interior design and construction.


5. Compensation Profile

Glass Curtains® has a compensation profile, which is what we call the bottom profile with a slight angle that catches rainwater and drains the excess water out.