Glass Curtains®

Frameless Glass Panels That You Can Simply Slide, Swing and Stack

The Original Glass Curtains® from Europe​

Direct from Europe, Glass Curtains® are frameless, noise-reducing, tempered glass panels for your home, office or shopfront. They help create a safe and peaceful place for you and your loved ones, to relax and enjoy the surrounding landscape, while keeping out rain, dust, haze and flying pests, and reducing outside noise.

Unlike traditional sliding glass doors or windows, Glass Curtains® are fully retractable, so you always have the flexibility of reverting to your original layout. Simply slide, swing and stack them to one side.


Balcony and Patios

Glass Curtains® are a great option for:

  • Creating a safe semi-outdoor environment for your children and pets

  • Reducing noise

  • Keeping out rain, wind, dust and haze

While enjoying unobstructed views!


Glass Curtains® are sought after as a way to flexibly partition interior spaces because it

  • Is lasting - no plastic bearings in its system that will wear down over time

  • Is extra sturdy - safer for kids

  • Block out smells

  • Effectively reduces noise

Key Features