Glass Curtains® Warranty Terms & Conditions

Warranty for Residential Properties only

ClimaShield Solutions Pte Ltd (“the Company”) provides five years of warranty for Glass Curtains®. The warranty period commences from the date of installation handover (i.e. the date at which installation of Glass Curtains® was completed at your premise), provided final payment of the system is made by the due date. This warranty shall immediately cease and become void if the product is found to have been tampered, modified, removed, or repaired by an unauthorised person.

Under the installation warranty provided by the Company, you are warranted against poor workmanship in the installation of your Glass Curtains®. The Company also undertakes to repair or replace any warranted defective hardware components during the warranty period.

This warranty shall be subject to the following exclusions:

  • Damages resulting from natural disaster, fire, civil unrest and / or accidents
  • Defects resulting from the misuse or damage by negligence and abuse
  • Minor imperfections in the glass panels
  • Replacement of rainstrips and mohair

The Client should understand that all tempered glass has its inherent tendencies towards minor imperfections. The Company will send an authorised representative to assess the situation and will replace the glass, free of charge, if the following conditions are met:

  • The glass panel curvature exceeds 3mm
  • The speck, bubble and / or minor scratches can be seen when viewed at a distance of 2 meters from the glass panel
  • The dent at the polished edge of the glass is more than 2mm long and 2mm deep
  • The gap between glass panels exceed 3.5mm
  • Spontaneous glass breakage due to glass manufacturing defects or impurities in the glass (and not due to misuse or external damage)

If the above conditions are not met, the Company can still provide glass replacement service if a request is made. A flat fee of S$450 per panel will be charged and should be paid before the Company will fulfil the replacement request.

The Client accepts that all tempered glass has a small inherent risk of spontaneous breakage due to glass manufacturing defects or impurities in the glass, and agrees to undertake the risks in the installation of Glass Curtains®. The Client agrees to indemnify the Company of liabilities against site damages and / or injuries sustained as a result of the unlikely event of spontaneous glass breakage.

Glass Curtains® guarantees up to 95% water tightness. With the addition of rainstrips between the glass panels and professional silicon work, it is possible to achieve up to 98% water tightness. This is the highest water tightness for any balcony glazing system worldwide. The Client should understand that this does not mean that 2% of rainwater will enter your property every time it rains, but that in strong wind and rain conditions, it is normal for a small amount of rainwater to breach the system.

Occasionally, a newly installed Glass Curtains® system will require silicon touch up. The Company will provide free touch up of silicon work when required during the warranty period.