One thing that causes people to hesitate about outdoor blinds for their home makeovers is maintenance. Fortunately, cleaning Ziptrak® outdoor blinds is very easy. In fact, you’ll find them much easier to maintain than traditional wooden roller blinds.

Ziptrak® materials are easier to maintain

Ziptrak® outdoor blinds are made with a variety of fabrics, including durable PVC options. This makes them easier to maintain compared to traditional wooden roller blinds. 

Wooden roller blinds are usually made of natural materials that need special care, such as regular dusting or treatment with wood-specific cleaners.

Contrast that to Ziptrak® blinds, which require a simple, fuss-free routine. Ziptrak® outdoor blinds often need nothing more than a wipedown with a mild detergent-and-water solution. For added convenience, Ziptrak® even has a recommended cleaning solution, Swiftee®, for their Sunscreen Mesh or Clear PVC blinds.

Ziptrak® requires less cleaning

One of the great benefits of Ziptrak® blinds is that they just need less maintenance. It takes the question from “how to clean outdoor roller blinds” to “how often to clean” them.

Wooden roller blinds are known to require frequent cleaning, especially since they can be more prone to mould given Singapore’s humid weather.

In contrast, Ziptrak® blinds are made from far more durable and weather-resistant materials. The fabrics used in the outdoor variants are specially selected so that they offer UV-resistance and antifungal properties, and are also GreenGuard certified.

Even the blinds’ design reduces owner maintenance. The PestOut® pelmet features a dual brush insert, which brushes and cleans the blind fabric each time it’s moved. This same pelmet also keeps insects out and prevents them from building nests in the pelmet – a functional design not found in traditional options.

Again, this reduces the amount of work required from the homeowner, and contributes to the convenience advantage of Ziptrak® over alternatives.

Ziptrak® lasts longer with proper yet simple maintenance

Despite needing less maintenance, Ziptrak® outdoor blinds are more durable and last longer than traditional wooden blinds.

Following a regular maintenance routine for traditional outdoor blinds generally doesn’t guarantee better longevity. 

For example, wooden blinds will always weather in sunlight and require refinishing for moisture-resistance. They will also need regular inspection and treatment for pests that like to burrow into wood. The treatments necessary to uphold wooden blinds’ appearance are often ones that need to be performed on a near-yearly basis.

But with Ziptrak® outdoor blinds you can significantly extend the lifespan of your blinds using a simple maintenance routine.

This can minimise the cost of replacement and repairs for outdoor blinds over time while maintaining a like-new look for your home’s exterior. 

See Ziptrak® in person for a better comparison

We hope this guide was useful in sharing the differences between maintaining traditional wooden roller blinds and Ziptrak®’s outdoor blinds. 

If you’d like to learn more about Ziptrak® blinds, contact us today or drop by our showroom! Our experts can provide a consultation to take you through your options for Ziptrak® blinds and similar solutions depending on your needs and preferences.